As a Brand Ambassador for MOKIDDIES, you are expected to endorse and promote our products and services. You are also expected to help increase brand awareness for our social media pages, especially in the face of our competitors. 

Any time you agree to receive free items from us, you automatically agree to send us unwatermarked pictures and/or videos which becomes intellectual properties of MOKIDDIES. Thereof, all these pictures and videos will be used however we (Mokiddies) choose and want to use them (such as for promotions, marketing, display on our social media platforms and websites) without any form of claim.

As such, you agree to be fully supportive of our brand, you also agree to post and permanently keep up our pictures and/or videos on your social media platforms (Instagram and/or Facebook or as the case may be).

If you violate any of these terms, you will be required to pay the FULL amount value of the product(s) that MOKIDDIES gave to you.

By accepting our products, you agree to all these terms and conditions of MOKIDDIES' Brand Ambassador Program.




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