Summer Activities


Hi Everyone, It's great catching up with you again! Summer is finally here, and I'm excited about this. What's not to love about summer? It's the most hopeful season of the year. YES!!!

The sun is out, we have warmer days, budding blooms, and we can finally leave our winter jackets at home. More importantly, we can begin to put on our cutest floral dresses. Here is our CRAIG suspender set from our BLOOM collection. Tap on the picture to shop!


                              Have you heard of a seasonal to-do list?

Okay, this is a list of things that you hope to accomplish during a period of time. I will be sharing some summer to-dos:

  • Change in season calls for a change in your closet- This does not necessarily mean a "complete change" of your closet. It 's a time to put your jackets and boots away and make room for the cutest and most light-weight pieces for the season.
  • Create a cozy patio setup- This is a period where most of us have been in-doors for so long. It'd be great to add some outdoor furniture, twinkle lights, some succulents, and some throw pillows to make good use of that patio this summer.
Check out this beautiful picture of a princess in our JANELLE Dress chilling on the patio. Click on the picture to shop.


    • Learn to nurture and show love to others- With everything happening in the world today, I've personally learned that there is so much to give, even when you assume and feel that there's nothing to offer. There is so much to share with people out there. It doesn't have to be financial or materialistic. Some people just need words of encouragement (this actually helped me achieve a lot this period), while some people just need someone to check on them and talk to. 

              Practice cultivating something this summer, this could mean planting an herb garden, bringing home a new pet, reaching out to people and show them that you love and care. Trust me, learning to take care of something or someone can bring you a new perspective in life.

    Thank you for reading thus far, I appreciate your time. Also, feel free to share what you have on your bucket list this summer with us, if you have any.

                                            Stay safe and stay hydrated!








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