MOKIDDIES is a top-notch kids fashion brand with an eye for modern designs, we are set to take over your children’s closets with our haute couture collection which comprises of our unique, yet stylish designs packaged with love from us. Mo & Mo ships worldwide and this is because we want every kid around the globe to partake of the love that goes into the making of every piece and feels just as precious as they are.

MOKIDDIES was officially launched on the 15th of April 2017 and since start-up, it has been an amazing journey. Our vision is to become a world-leading designer, creator and seller of quality garbs, foot wears and accessories for kids with the aim to delight our customers by relentlessly pursuing excellence and always acting with our primary aim of adding values of quality, passion and integrity.

MOKIDDIES is a reaction to create something special, unique and uncompromising. In this regard, we offer a wide range of styles from fully detailed Eurohandmade dresses to hand woven traditional/vintage outfits, while sourcing extraordinary fabrics/ materials to quality controlling trims. But where our brand really excel is in the excellence of its quality. We ceaselessly work with our top designers to create new and exciting designs to meet the needs of the marketplace and our prospective customers.

At MOKIDDIES, we pass on the fashion styles that  mothers and kids crave while keeping in mind the persisting quality for consumer’s satisfaction.


When I was younger, my desire was to own a globally renowned and leading brand in the fashion Industry. And then my passion for the kids fashion world grew as i birthed my children.

My treasures are my gorgeous daughters; and they have inspired me to establish this Kids haute couture brand  (Mokiddies), "MO" being a prefix of their names.


Our goal at Mokiddies is to create candid and satisfactory designer fashion that is also visually stunning. We live for sparkle and elegance; therefore, we strive to transform our customers both in outfit and outlook.


MOKIDDIES is here to provide customers with valuable outfits, while unleashing various unique styles and designs to make kids look and feel beautiful, as every piece is created to suit each child’s angelic persona, while providing the world’s greatest online fashion service.


Want to become a MOKIDDIES Representative or Photographer? You’re just a step closer…

Send us a message via email at mokiddies@yahoo.com or hello@mokiddies.com, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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